Discography: 7″ singles

Side A Side B Label Year Producer Writer
Don’t Fret Yourself Version Hit Bound [JJ 217] 1983 Soljie Half Pint
Greetings Version Power House [PHS498119] 1984 G. Phang ?
Money Man Skank Version Jammy$ 198? L. James ?
Jah Don’t Love That Version Power House 1984 G. Phang L. Roberts
Jah Don’t Love That Praise His Name… Barrington Levy Power House 1984 ? ?
Political Fiction Bless This Land… General Trees Feel The Beat 1984 ? ?
Marcus Did Warn Them… Big Youth & Half Pint Version Power House 1984 George Phang ?
Winsome Version (Sly & Robbie) Sunset 1985 E. Lewis, E. Marshall D. [sic] Roberts
Get Ready Version Power House 1985, est. G. Phang, E. Mitchell L. Roberts
Winsome Version (Sly & Robbie) Feel the Beat [FEE 149101/0011] 1985, est. E. Marshall, E. Lewis n/a
Hold On (feat. Chaka Demus) Version Feel the Beat 1985, est. E. Marshall, E. Lewis L. Roberts, John Taylor
Tell We This, Tell We That Version Feel the Beat 1985, est. E. Marshall, E. Lewis L. Roberts
Crazy Girl Version Feel the Beat 1986, est. E. Lewis, E. Marshall ?
Can’t Get Me Out Get Me Out (Sly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang) Taxi [027] 1987 Sly & Robbie L. Roberts, Sly & Robbie
Desperate Lover Desperate Version (Sly & Robbie & The Taxi Gang) Taxi [041] 1987 Sly & Robbie L. Roberts, Sly & Robbie
I Want Your Love (with Junior Delgado) ? Powerhouse 1987 ? ?
Night Life Lady Version (Sly & Robbie) Taxi 1987, est. Sly & Robbie L. Roberts
Don’t Close the Door Version (Sly & Robbie) Power House 1987, est. G. Phang L. Roberts
Go Back Home Version Scorpio 1987, est. M. Johnson L. Roberts
Level the Vibes Version Power House 1987, est. G. Phang Half Pint
Sally Version Feel the Beat (“Solomon” riddim) 1987, est. E. Marhsall, E. Lewis ?
Go Do It (feat. Barrington Levy) Version Powerhouse 1989, est. G. Phang, E. Mitchell B. Levy, L. Roberts
One Big Family Version Power House 1990, est. G. Phang L. Roberts
Tears On My Pillow Version (Danny Brownie) Sonic Sounds (SSR-798071) 19?? Algie Richard Lewis Bradford Lewis
Jah Love is Pure and Clean Version Tappa 1992 Tappa Zukie L. Roberts
2000 Years Version (Danny Brownie) New Sound 1992 B. Dixon L. Roberts
Beatitude Beatitude Version (Norwood Rockers) Studio One 1992 C. Dodd S. Smith
Cosmopolitan Girl Acapella (Sly Dunbar) Tappa 1992 Tappa Zukie ?
Cry Cry, Cry Dub Creation 1992 H. Tucker L. Roberts
Let We Be Dub Creation 1992 H. Tucker L. Roberts
Resistance Dub Version Tappa 1992 Tappa Zukie D. Sinclair/ L. Roberts
Substitute Lover Version Digital B 1992 Bobby Digital L. Roberts
Winner Takes It All Version Massive B (re- release: MB 004) (“Hot Milk” riddim) 1992, est.; re- released 1998, est. Bobby Konders L. Roberts
Bust Out Version (Fire House Crew) Fire House Crew 1994 Firehouse Crew R. Linton, M. Miller, D. Dennis, P. Crosdale
Deliver Us (feat. Garnet Silk & The Tamlins) Version (Sky High & The Mau Mau) Sky High 1995 H.K. R. Henry (Sky High) H. Henry, L. Robert, G. Silk
Reggae Rising Instrumental Golden Cartel Ent./Sonic Sounds 1997, est. C. Goldfinga, Fame L. Roberts
Love Zone ? Roof 1997 C. Cole ?
Gone Version Time 1 1997 Jah Screw (Paul Love) B. Sterrett, P. Love, E. Rennais
I Know It… Half Pint & Michigan Meditation Rashanco (“Meditation” riddim) 1998(est.) Bad Bad Bandingo L. Roberts, A. Fairclough  
Overstan Mi Nuh Man More Dub FITZmar Productions 1998 F. Chambers L. Roberts, F. Chambers
Closer to You Version Half Pint Music 1999 HP Music, Layol Haylett [sic] ?
Just Be Good Version Harmony House (“Those Guys” Riddim) 2000 Beres Hammond L. Roberts
Please Oh Jah Version Mixing Lab 2000 Roy Francis L. Roberts
Children of His Majesty Rythm [sic] Soldier Fat Eyes (“Solider” Riddim) 2000 Bulby, Fatta, Karl Toppin L. Roberts, C. York, L. Marshall
Glory Within “Warning” Riddim Version Mixing Lab (“Warning” Riddim) 2000 Roy Francis L. Roberts
Love Potion No. 9 Hit Tune (Guyanese) Easy Star (“Pick Up” Riddim) 2001 Michael G., Triston Palma Roberts/ Goldwasser
She’s Fever Version Massive B (“2-G-1-Answer” Riddim) 2001 B. Konders L. Roberts/ C. Dodd
Dry the Tears Rhythm Binghi… L.P. All Stars Love Promotions (“Bingi” Riddim) 2001 Jimmy Riley L. Roberts
Bless Us Version Yardie (“Selah” Riddim) 2001 Bevil Campbell, Paul McFarlane, Michael Harris L. Roberts
I’m Going Version I&I; (“Ba Ba Boom” Riddim) 2001 Tristan Palmer, Nigel Burrell Lindell [sic] Roberts
Smooth Operator Life… Mikey General Kings of Kings (“Trod On” Riddim) 2001 Colin Levy L. Roberts, C. Levy
Got to Move On Version Harmodio (“Jah Sen Mi Come” Riddim) 2001 C. Green, Anthony Lilly L. Roberts
Suzie Instrumental… C. Dodd Lion Paw (“Culture” Riddim) 2001 L. Roberts, C. Dodd Michael Johnson & Ian Williams
Bright Shinning [sic] Star Version Worries Music (“Shining Star” Riddim) 2001 ? R. Worries/Beeperman
Love What a Gwan Chest Mix… Rohan Dwyers Treasure Chest (“Righteousness” Riddim) 2001 Byron Treasure L. Roberts, B. Treasure, A. Martin-Blanken, P. Kastick
Can’t Control Me Version Mr. Luxury Music (“My Day” Riddim) 2001 Ronnie Thwaites R.D. Brown, L. Roberts
Give Me Your Loving Young & Old Rhythm Wall Street (“Young & Old” Riddim) 2001 L. Roberts C. Parchment, R. Bailey
Bounce Rhythm Black Diamonds (“One in Ten” Riddim) 2001 L. Roberts Bulby/Fatta & Karl Toppin
Live & Kicking ? Time 1 (“Under Mi Sensi/African Beat” Riddim) 2001? ? ?
Sing Our Own Song Version Fat Eyes 2001 Bulby, Fatta, and Karl Toppin n/a
Like You and Me Reggae For Sure… Mozam KT (“Queen Majesty” Riddim) 2001 Carat L. Roberts, D. Reid
My Woman Version… Coxone Dodd In the Streetz (“Carpenter” riddim) 2001 B. Murray L. Roberts, C. Dodd
Dance Escape Isle of Spring (“Escape” riddim) 2002 Richard Brown L. Roberts, R. Brown, P. Henton
Sweet Thing Tonight Rhythm Big Neck (“Tonight” riddim) 2002 Karl Big Neck L. Roberts, D. Harriott
Tanya Money In Mi Pocket Rhythm… Fire House Crew Stone Cold (“Money In Mi Pocket” riddim) 2002 Mark “Stone Cold” Hudson L. Roberts, J. Gibson, M. Hudson
Blessing Darling Expo Train… Duke Reid Black Diamonds (“Expo Train” riddim) 2002 The Black Diamonds Crew L. Roberts, L. Marshall, D. Reid
If Love Is Alright With You ? KT Records (“Baby I Love You” riddim) 2002 ? ?
Soul Mate More Golden Rashanco (“More Golden Hen/Diseases” riddim) 2002 Bad Bad Badingo L. Roberts
Feel Good ? Heights Of Heights (“Good Over Evil” riddim) 2002 ? ?
Fever ? Mega Bass (“World” riddim) 2002 ? ?
Sweet Love Version Techniques (“Things & Time” riddim) 2002 A. Riley L. Roberts
Make The Best Of It Talking RAS-I (“Praise Jah & Live” riddim) 2003 A. Gordon L. Roberts
Sweet Memories Beautiful Morning… Natural Black Flabba Music (“Rolling” riddim) [FM 020] 2003 Louis “Flabba” Malcolm L.Roberts, L. Malcolm
Like The Rising Sun (Side B) Selassie I… Saba (Side A) Woopi (“True Love” riddim) 2003 Donald “Trixie” Dixon L. Roberts
Mi Energy ? Irie Vibes (“Coming from the Country” riddim) 2003 ? ?
Good Love Everytime Don’t Leave Me… Singing Sweet Golden Cartel [GTB5] 2003 Chris “Goldfinga” Clarke L. Roberts, K. Bryan, H. Wright, C. Clarke
Passion and Action ? (“Medz” riddim) 2004 ? ?
For This I’m Sure Tucu KT Records (“Tucu” riddim) 2004 Carat L. Roberts, E. E. Murray
King Selassie Fire Stick Riddim Iceburg (“Fire Stick” riddim) 2004 K. Blake L. Roberts, K. Blake
Spread Your Bed Rasta Revolution Thug Chemist Muzik (“Rasta Revolution” riddim) 2004 Mafia & Fluxy L. A. Roberts
Keep Your Head Up Reggae Paradise Riddim Classic Vibes (“Reggae Paradise” riddim) [CVCS 106] 2004 Mafia & Fluxy L. Robe [sic], S. Richardson
Crazy… Alozade feat. Half Pint Si Me Ya… Jana Bent Crib Entertainment (“Stalag” riddim) 2004 Orville “Rorey” Baker and Ryan Gorsong O. Baker, M. Sterling, W. Riley, L. Roberts
Need You All Night Long ? Bangarang/Bang Bang (“In the Streez” riddim) 2004 ? ?
One Time ? Vertex (“Scorpion King” riddim) 2004 ? ?
So Many Lovers ? Digital B (“Vanity” riddim) 2005 ? ?
Two To One (with Anthony B) ? Digital B (“Hold On” riddim) 2005 ? ?
Karma Reggae Mix (Alicia Keys feat. Half Pint) same as side A MBK Reggae (“Steam Pipe” riddim) 2005 ? ?
So Many Lovers ? Digital B (“Vanity” riddim) 2005 ? ?
Free Your Mind Tonight… Uton Green Bunny G’s (“Inspired” riddim) 2005 ? ?
Best Of Life Keep Your Vibes… Andrew Coombs KT Records (“Shakur” riddim) 2005 ? ?
Mind Over Matter ? Pete (“Swinging My Love” riddim) 2007 ? ?
Rise ? Total Satisfaction (Abyssinians “Declaration of Rights” riddim) 2007 ? ?
Young and Innocent (with Fortunate Youth) Innocent Dub Raised Fist/Dubshot (RFR-FY001) 2019 ? ?